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About Personalized Balloons

Our journey in balloon printing business started over 40 years ago. Back then, printing equipment was big, bulky and setup times for each job took hours. To save time and cost, balloons were imprinted with stock designs as wedding balloons, anniversary balloons, birthday balloons, graduation balloons and so on. Since that time, balloon printing industry has changed dramatically.  New innovative technologies have made it possible to print short runs at reasonable prices. Today we can produce as few at 25 custom printed balloons with customer’s message.

Personalized balloons are a great way to add a personal touch to any occasion. Whether it’s a Bridal shower, Bar Mitzvah, Baptism, Baby shower or even a corporate event, we can print your personal message on balloons to complete your décor.

Businesses have also discovered that logo balloons for marketing produce significant savings and great returns. We supply promotional balloons to thousands of business at wholesale prices.  Why do businesses use custom printed balloons? Simply because giving away a helium balloon with your logo or message is an excellent marketing tool. It’s not just a giveaway, it becomes a walking billboard for your business and best of all your little clients do the footwork to spread your name.

Custom balloons are not just used by a single industry our customers include Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Churches, Schools, Colleges, Auto Dealers, Realtors, Jewelers, Restaurants, Department Stores and businesses from just about every field.

Whether you are a new business trying to increase awareness or established business trying to increase enrollment and client base, we invite you to give our custom balloons a try, you will soon realize you have found a great marketing tool that costs pennies and produces huge returns. 

Our Services

Personalized balloons at wholesale prices custom printed in our own factory.


Minimum order only 25 balloons


Upload your logo, graphic or type your message.


Silk-screen imprinting for crisp vibrant print.


Easy online ordering, save your shopping cart for
later checkout.


Call us for rush orders.


Buy personalized balloons in bulk to use at your celebration

Have you ever seen a good party without balloons? We neither. Balloons are an essential part of any celebration. Whether it is a baby shower or opening of a new shop, most people go for balloons as a standard option of bringing the fun in their event. However, if you want to make your event really memorable, you may find that it’s really hard to find balloons with the right messaging at your local store.

Of course you can spend time driving to the balloon shop in your area to get the right one for your celebration. But we have better option for you! You can buy custom printed balloons online instead of trying to choose the one you like from the balloons available at your local store. This means you can create your own balloons with a custom message written on it.

Say your kids you love them, mark the anniversary of your friend or advertise your product. All of these things are possible with personalized balloons.

Wholesale custom balloons for every occasion

Whatever is the event you are celebrating, personalized balloons will elevate it to the new level. Are you having an anniversary with your loved one? Tell your soulmate about your warm feelings, writing some personal things on a cute balloon. Is it your wedding day? The names of the couple on huge heart balloons will make this day unforgettable.

If you’re preparing a birthday party for your kid, baby shower, or surprise for your beloved one, balloons are a must. Both the kids and adults will enjoy the funny balloons we sell. Make the messaging fun as well and let the kids take them home, and the atmosphere at your celebration will be fantastic.

We know how important it is to prepare for the holiday, which is why we strive to keep our prices low. In our store you can get quality custom balloons at affordable price. Moreover, if you buy personalized balloons in bulk, you save quite a lot of money compared to the amount you’d pay for buying them in a retail shop.

Buy custom balloons with logo to advertise your business

Are you a businessman seeking to promote a new product or signal to the public that you are opening a new spot? Than good old balloons are at your service. Choose an appropriate size, material and write whatever you wish on your balloons. You can order balloons with the logo of your company, or spell “welcome” with letter balloons.

Let your fantasy wander in search of a perfect solution to advertise your business. Order custom balloons and your future customers will have a positive impression of your brand. Give out balloons to children, and they will be screaming with joy, asking their parents to visit your place again.

Types of custom printed balloons

Browse our site to check our extensive range of balloon options. You can choose from mylar, latex, or foil balloons. Available shapes include star, circle, and heart. We have a special customization tool on each product page. So, you can choose all the details you want and make an order.

Unleash your creativity and make your celebration event unique. Place an order now, and we will deliver it to you in no time.